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Founder-Director Shri Ramesh Nalavade leads the team at Nalavade Infotech. He is a talented Commercial Artist who is endowed with sharp business acumen. After finishing his junior college, Rameshji opted for a 4-year degree course in Applied Art at Bit Byte Computer Institution (Dadar Branch). This practically oriented education equipped him with valuable knowledge in diverse fields like Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Banking & Finance, Advertising & Promotion, Media Management, among others.

He decided to leverage this wisdom for the benefit of society at large. So after finishing his education in Applied Art, he entered the world of business through the medium of computer training. Under his excellent stewardship, Nalavade Infotech soon earned the trust of thousands of students and their parents.

During the course of time, Rameshji noticed that most Maharashtrian youth are reluctant to get into business. They either lack the funds or moral support or both to plunge into business. Inspired by the idea of helping budding entrepreneurs succeed and realize their dreams, he started offering Business Consultancy services.

We feel proud that under our dynamic Director’s able leadership, Nalavade Infotech has trained, supported and motivated thousands of youth and propelled them into the right business orbit.