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Business Consultancy


What we do

Starting a new business is an exciting idea. However, after the initial enthusiasm is over, the real picture begins to unfold… Unforeseen problems and unanticipated challenges come up, for which you are not prepared – either financially or psychologically. And funds reserved for routine expenses such as rent, electricity bill, wages, etc. are used to meet these sudden costs. Most of your time and energy is then spent to arrange funds for regular expenses.

As you are busy managing operational issues, business development takes a setback…

At Nalavade Infotech, we help you rise up to the challenge and get out of the crisis. By making an in-depth, expert assessment of your business, we go to the root cause of the crisis. We find out the reasons for slowdown and suggest the right solution to put your business back on the fast track.

We meet and interact with entrepreneurs who have failed in business. During these visits, we try to find out the reasons for their setback. Was it lack of technical expertise? Was it ignorance about banking rules? Was it workforce mismanagement or the inability to capture the market? By analyzing the reasons for failure, we offer our clients valuable advice and strategic inputs to avoid potential traps or get out of messy situations.

We also provide vital, accurate information concerned with government and banking sectors, which will eventually enable you to come out of the deadlock.

Women Entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurship has been recognized as an important source of economic growth.

At Nalavade Infotech, we believe that women are also blessed with qualities that will make them good businesspersons. Women entrepreneurs create new opportunities for themselves and others as well.

That is why we bring an assortment of Machines and Equipment that will help women to establish micro enterprises and be self reliant and successful.


To enable aspiring individuals fulfill their business dreams by empowering them with appropriate knowledge, accurate information and expert guidance.

Core Values

  • Transparency is the bedrock of our business
  • Commitment to our customers always comes first
  • Excellence is our greatest inspiration
  • Efficiency is an integral part of our work culture
  • Value for money is our biggest strength