यशस्वी शेतीसाठी नवा कानमंत्र

Laddu Making Machine Dealer in karad
शेतकरी मित्रांनो, काळ झपाटयाने बदलतोय,
सर्वत्र बदलाचे वारे वाहतायत. शेती सुद्धा त्याला
अपवाद नाही. काळाची पाऊले ओळखून, नव्या
विचारांचा, संकल्पनांचा अंगीकार करणे गरजेचे
आहे. शेती करण्याच्या पद्धतींमध्ये आधुनिक
व्यवस्थापन शैलीचा अंतर्भाव केल्यास..

Business Booster

Laddu Making Machine Supplier in Maharashtra
A business is similar to an infant; just as
an infant cannot speak or talk right away,
a business also does not yield results im-
mediately. It has to be nurtured passio-
nately. Hurdles, unpredictable challenges,
etc. are all part of the game.

Raw Material :

A raw material, also known as a feedstock or most correctly unprocessed material, is a basic material that is used to produce goods, finished products.

Any substance or material used in the production or manufacturing of a good is considered a raw material. Raw materials are materials or substances used in the primary production manufacturing of a good. A person or thing regarded as suitable for some particular purpose.

Raw materials stock is the total value of all of a company’s raw materials currently in stock which have not entered work-in-process or finished goods production yet.

Banking :

Business banking is a company’s financial dealings with an institution that provides business loans, credit, savings.

A Commercial bank is a type of financial institution that provides services such as accepting deposits, making business loans, and offering basic investment products. Our small business financial services ensure you have the right combination of tools to manage your day to day operations efficiently and effectively.

At Nalavade Infotech, we guide you expertly through the bank loan process. Whether you are starting a new business or wish to financially consolidate your existing setup, we are happy to help.

Whether it is Mudra or CGTMSE scheme, we ensure you end up with a convincing, sound loan proposal. Our goal is to support you in successfully getting funds for your business.

Buyer :

A “buyer” is a person who purchases finished goods, typically for resale, for a firm, government, or organization.
Buyers and purchasing agents buy products and services for organizations to use or resell. They evaluate suppliers, negotiate contracts, and review the quality of products.

Protential Market :

Aggregate of all individuals, firms, and organizations in a particular market who have some level of interest in a particular product . A set of consumers who profess some level of interest in a designed market offer.

There are many reason for failure business like couldn’t get enough customers to buy their product or service.
As a first step to determining the potential market for your new product or service

  • Is this product or service I have in mind going to satisfy a market need?
  • At what prices are consumers prepared to buy my product, and can I make any profit at any stage?

Scope of services

If you are looking to start a new enterprise, you need to address a lot of questions, like –

  • Exactly what business to get into
  • How to set up and grow it
  • Where to locate the venture
  • Where to source the raw material from
  • Where to find a potential market
  • Where to find the right capital

Apart from addressing these issues, we also provide expert consulting for aspects such as Business Plan, Market Research, Location hunting, Power & Water Supply, Quality Assurance, Packaging, Advertising & Marketing, Distribution, Competitive Analysis, Statutory Compliances and Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Trademarks, etc.).

Sometimes, some specific types of businesses get into a financial loop (production does not exceed 30 thousand or fifty thousand per month.) We apply our expertise to break this financial loop and put your business on a growth curve.

As we understand it, business growth is chiefly hampered by three factors –

  • Insufficient funds
  • Inadequate & incompetent manpower
  • Lack of time

At Nalavade Infotech, we provide the right resources and expert advice that will help you effectively overcome these challenges.